BlockRX Project Advisor Membership Yearly Subscription


$11,999.00 $10,799.00

Advisor Membership: This membership is for individuals and companies seeking to secure a role as Project Advisor for BlockRx.  Advisory members will be selected to specific committees and teams based on their knowledge and experience and will participate and contribute to Vision, Development and Execution of the BlockRx project.  Project Advisors provide recommendations and solutions directly to the Advisory Board and Technical Steering Committee. 

Product Description

Membership: The BlockRx Project membership allows each group member to participate in the BlockRx project and provides them access to the Advisory Board, Technical Steering Committee, Team Participation, Strategy and Documentation. We are looking for companies and individuals who are committed to enhancing and redefining the Pharma process for the Drug Development Lifecycle by participating as an active team member and supporting the Vision, Strategy, Development and Offering for the BlockRx project. As a paid member and team participant, you will have access and opportunity to help Define,
Guide and Construct the solution(s) that will be used as an offering to the Pharma Community.
Benefits: As a BlockRx Project member, you will receive the benefits beyond just participation in the project.  Your benefits include:  Revenue Sharing, Networking Opportunities, Service Opportunities and Employment Opportunities.  In addition, your BlockRx membership includes membership to iSolve, whereby Pharma, Biotech and Service Providers may come to exchange IP and Services powered by the Blockchain.  We also reward members for their involvement in the project that result in enhancing the development or offering by leveraging.