iSolve Solution Offerings

iSolve is dedicated to helping the BioPharma and Healthcare community succeed through collaboration, partnerships, and technology. Our solutions create opportunities for companies to advance their drug development and patient care initiatives through innovation and growth. Our company has 2 very distinct lines of solutions for supporting these industries with the Blockchain. The first is to enhance and innovate the Drug Development Lifecycle and the Drug Supply Chain by providing secure data sharing and visibility across the entire Drug Supply Chain from API to Patient in order to improve patient outcomes. The second is to support the acquisition of IP Assets (SMART IP) and provide a marketplace for providing services for initiatives secured by the Blockchain. In the long term, we see ADLT™ as the key to redefining the movement and use of data throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

ADLT™ (Advanced Digital Ledger Technology™)- Drug Supply Chain

CFA-imageThe challenges faced by the Pharma Industry in managing their global supply chain go far beyond counterfeit medications. It requires prompt communication between trusted partners, improved management of inventory, processes, medication recalls, and global compliance. The solution needs to be secure, transparent and integrate with and complement current systems. ADLT™ was established to meet the requirements of the global BioPharma Industry and to ensure integrity in a process that directly affects Pharma, the Participants of the supply chain and ultimately the patients.

Smart Marketplace

solutions_page_cspSmart IP, Smart Services, and Smart Investment are designed for Biopharma Tech Transfer Offices, Services Providers to view and bid on. They can also search the extensive IP posted by Tech Transfer Offices from around the globe to build their pipelines or search for additional technologies to help advance their drug development, device, or research initiatives. The Biopharma Company can more easily research and connect with investors to ensure they are only contacting those investors that are a good fit for their stage of development. By leveraging the Blockchain, Tech Transfer Offices, Service Providers, and Investors will gain a much greater exposure to potential clients, identify unmet needs, and can track which Biopharma Companies are requiring the most support or are in need of specific help which may only be provided by a company specializing in those skills. Currently, there is no true marketplace, whereby Biopharma Initiatives are Visible, Trackable, and Managed from Inception to Completion. Click here for more information.