Solving the problem of Child Safety with ADLT™ 


iSolve is painfully aware of the current technical and communication issues that negatively impact the handling of child abuse cases.

We have partnered with a team of medical professionals who, together with us, are dedicated to forming a solution to this critical problem of ‘data silos’.

We firmly believe that increased accessibility to this data will improve communications and allow the relevant agencies and professionals to provide a greater level of care and support.  Our ADLT™ platform will provide secure and direct access to patient data to ensure seamless integration between hospitals, law enforcement, and other government agencies.

Together we proudly introduce

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iSolve: The Pharmaceutical Blockchain of Value

ADLT™ is an Enterprise Blockchain solution that complements existing systems and processes, breaks down data silos, ensures data provenance, and creates an interoperable and high-performance environment focused on improving patient outcomes.

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Exploring ADLT

All journeys begin with that first step. Today, is your day, to begin learning about ADLT™ -the Enterprise Blockchain solution for BioPharma, Healthcare, Medical Device Manufacturers and the Life Sciences. ADLT™ connects Manufacturer to Patient and from Patient to the rest of the Healthcare System and can integrate IoMT, Machine Learning, and Big Data to improve patient outcomes and help direct R&D efforts. We look forward to sharing your journey with you so contact us at to begin exploring the power of ADLT™ to transform your organization.

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