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The Blockchain is an electronic private or public decentralized ledger which acts as a digital registry to record asset transactions. The Blockchain serves as the single source of truth due to being immutable and can also be used for audit and tracking of information across an enterprise. The Blockchain is a very secure tool leveraging encryption keys, cryptographic algorithms, and electronic wallets. These are very well established and accepted technologies that have been in use for 20 years or more. As a registry, the Blockchain is the next generation technology that ultimately all retailers, financial institutions, government agencies, and business will utilize to support their operations.

Advanced Digital Ledger Technology™ is an Enterprise Blockchain solution that creates a distributed, highly secure, immutable, and auditable record of transactions between organizations. The ADLT™ Platform is utilized to bridge existing legacy systems in order to improve the speed and efficiency of transactions while decreasing counterparty risk across multiple industries: BioPharma, Healthcare, Medical Device Manufacturers, Life Sciences, Agribusiness and others. It is the next generation technology that both businesses and governments will utilize to support their operations, break down data silos and create the provenance of data required for business or regulatory reasons.

The Blockchain functions as an open and extensible Peer to Peer platform that leverages a distributed model. Within this framework, multiple copies of a shared single ledger are constantly evaluated among trusted partners to prevent fraud or error, offering a high degree of security and transparency. Because the Blockchain is Decentralized, its extreme divisibility and its ability to verify transactions without third parties creates a system where engaging in the exchange of digital assets becomes nearly as simple as sending an email. It is also secure in that only trusted partners with the right permission can view the data.

Companies that require data provenance for regulatory or business reasons or need to bridge internal or external systems that do not readily communicate with each other and wish to decrease drug development time while improving patient outcomes and medication security. Patients also benefit by being better connected to their healthcare team, gaining access to resources from the manufacturers and can take control of their health and potentially be rewarded by participating in surveys that can help improve adherence and the research and development of new medications.

The goal of the BlockRx Token is simple: Incentivize participation to improve the underlying processes within an organization, between it and its adjacent trading partners, and the patients it serves. By leveraging the ADLT™ Enterprise Platform and the BlockRx Token, lifesaving medications can be brought to the Global marketplace faster and cheaper while offsetting the cost of deploying ADLT™.

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