Our History Defines Us

Our History Defines Us

iSolve was founded in May of 2014 to:

  • Breakdown Data Silos
  • Create Stronger Partner Networks
  • Build Incentive Programs & Offset Implementation Costs: BlockRx Utility token
  • Improve Patient Outcomes & Safety

We have not wavered from that course and will continue to build and improve our ADLT™ Enterprise Blockchain platform to meet the current and future needs of the BioPharma, Healthcare, Medical Device, and Agribusiness Industries that we serve.

Watch us grow and see the world transformed in the process.

  • 2014

    • Sponsorship by GPMS
    • Incorporation
  • 2015

    • Creation of the iSolve Platform Marketplace for Biotech IP
  • 2016

    • First Major Strategic Technology Partnership
    • Creation of the BlockRx™ Project
    • Development of ADLT™
  • 2017

    • First Major Strategic Consulting Partnership
    • Creation of the BlockRx Token Incentive Program
    • ADLT™ 2.0 Released
  • 2018

    • ADLT™ Patent Application Filed
    • Pharma Ecosystem Initiation
    • ADLT™ 3.0 Released