iSolve Asks the Experts: David Houlding, Intel Health & Life Sciences

Date January 5, 2018

Robert Panetta speaks with David Houlding, Intel Health & Life Sciences, about his thoughts on how Blockchain will revolutionize the way we interface with healthcare data, what bitcoin teaches us about getting hacked in spite of Blockchain security, the path to truly remarkable transformations.

iSolve Asks the Experts: Marina Niforos, Logos Global Advisors and the IFC

Date December 12, 2017

Robert Panetta speaks with Marina Niforos, Logos Global Advisors and the IFC, shares her thoughts on how Blockchain can address the main problems facing Global Value Chains, the problem of counterfeit drugs, and how Blockchain can combat this growing problem.

Improving the Traceability of the Clinical Trial Supply Chain

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and similar global regulations1 were designed to help protect the integrity of the medication supply chain by gathering data at each step of a medication’s journey. While the focus is on the “Approved Drug” supply chain, there has been little conversation or focus on the clinical drug supply …