Welcome to iSolve – Pharma and Biotech Solutions Leveraging the Blockchain

Date April 20, 2016

Greetings!  Thank you for coming to our Blog to read, research and enjoy the fascinating topics

regarding how the Blockchain will support the Pharma and Biotech industry.  Our company has 2 very

distinct lines of solutions for supporting Pharma with the Blockchain and the Biotech industry with the

Blockchain.  Our focus for Pharma is to enhance and innovate the Drug Development Lifecycle and the

Drug Supply Chain by using the Blockchain to integrate with legacy systems to provide secure sharing,

distribution and visibility across the entire Drug Supply Chain.  Our Biotech solutions leverage the

Blockchain to support the acquisition of IP Assets (SMART IP) and provide a marketplace for providing

services for Biotech initiatives secured by the Blockchain.

Although the Blockchain was originally associated with Bitcoin and mentioned as a solution for financial

institutions and global banks, iSolve has recognized the Blockchain (‘Advanced Digital Ledger

Technologies’ as we like to call it) has a much greater fit within the Drug Development Lifecycle and

BioTech.  The Blockchain has a capacity to function as an open and extensible platform with Peer to Peer

technology leveraging a distributed model, in which multiple copies of a shared single ledger are

constantly evaluated to prevent fraud or error offering a high degree of security.  Because the

Blockchain is Decentralized, its extreme divisibility and its ability to verify transactions without third

parties, you end up with a system where engaging in exchanges of digital assets becomes nearly as

simple as tweeting or texting.

Visit us again to see more updates and information regarding our Blockchain Solutions for Pharma and

Biotech and to gain insight on industry news.  If you would like to contact us, send us an email to

info@isolve.io.  Thanks and we look forward to seeing you.