2018 – A Very Interesting Year For The Blockchain/Crypto Community

Date December 10, 2018

This year has seen so many changes, twists and turns I don’t even know where to begin. Our community has been challenged by government agencies, data hacks, bear markets, failing projects and an overall lack of support from larger corporate entities. This has made it very difficult for organizations and startup companies to move forward with their Blockchain and Digital Token initiatives.

In every marketplace, there is always going to be winners and losers; however, the market as a whole cannot be an uphill battle for every single participant. This will create a trend that will prevent newcomers from entering the space. The problem with this is that it will inhibit growth and innovation for the entire industry. This is something we have been trying to avoid the entire year. But like every single market, the winners are going to be the ones who are able to sustain themselves and keep to their vision for the emergence of new technologies and solutions.

So here are the few lessons that we’ve learned from this tumultuous year:

  1. All Crypto currencies are subject to exponential value growth and declination regardless of how long the token has been trading
  2. The Blockchain cannot prevent data hacks if the infrastructure is not set up to prevent malicious attacks externally or internally
  3. The SEC is more concerned with the regulation of Exchanges as opposed to ICO companies and fund-raising initiatives
  4. Regulated Exchanges will begin accepting more Altcoins
  5. Companies that have conducted an ICO must have a true business plan in order to execute on their roadmap regardless of the value of their crypto portfolios

These have been some very hard lessons to learn. It has definitely made the management teams of many of these companies have to look at their direction and operational plan to figure out a way to navigate through these rough waters.

Our company has seen its own challenges as we are subject to the same impact from market conditions, clients not moving pilots to production, and ambiguous regulations preventing solutions to move forward. Fortunately for us, our Company Roadmap was well thought out and we were able to adjust to circumstances and market conditions beyond our control. Starting in Q1 of 2019 and adhering to our Company Roadmap, iSolve will begin Discovery and Design for ADLT™ 4.0 with the addition of patient care functionality – Customer Connect. Our Customer Connect functionality will focus on Rare Diseases and the ability to incentivize and manage patient data for individuals and organizations to support Analysis, Post Marketing and Improved Outcomes. ADLT™ will be leveraged to support patients, advocacy groups, research groups and Pharma companies seeking information regarding the specific disease states within a secure and decentralized infrastructure. This combined with our Track and Trace, Recalls, Returns an Borrow & Loan functionality will make ADLT™ a complete and robust platform capable of supporting all supply-chain and clinical participants seeking data security and transparency. We are excited about the implementation of this new module and look forward to a year of growth and success!

Hoping 2019 is a very prosperous year for both Blockchain technology and Crypto currency. Have a wonderful holiday season and we will speak to you again and the new year!

If you are interested in learning more about our Customer Care solutions, contact us at support@isolve.io. Or visit us at www.isolve.io. Thanks.