How is iSolve Innovating Pharma with the Blockchain?

Date October 10, 2018


By Managing their Use Cases with ADLT™ 3.0!!!

As the pharmaceutical industry slowly embraces Blockchain technology, companies such as iSolve are tasked with the responsibility to incorporate new functionality into our solution to help support the various Business Units and Use Cases for global deployment and compliance. For this reason, iSolve is now releasing ADLT™ 3.o with advanced Smart Contract functionality to provide greater business rule support for organizations requiring that data and information to be managed in a specific method according to their operational and regulatory processes.

In keeping up with our company roadmap, the iSolve team is dedicated to continually trying to improve and provide their client base with the most innovative technology to advance the enterprise and bring global integration while providing security, visibility and transparency. ADLT™ 3.0 has now added a financial module to help support multi-currency transactions. This financial module will support the integration of disparate systems needed for financial management without having to build costly interfaces. Organizations will now have more enhanced reporting and greater visibility into global financial transactions with the ability to report in their local currency. ADLT’s data security and data provenance functionality will help business units remain compliant while providing the historical data necessary for financial analysis and reporting. The iSolve team will be extending the financial module in future releases to incorporate additional financial capabilities to align transactions to financial reimbursements, credits memos, corporate portfolios and financial systems.

The financial module for ADLT™ 3.0 is extremely useful for Use Cases such as Clinical Trials; whereby, Testing Sites may be operating in various countries. The sites may all be reporting in their local currency, yet the financials are having to roll up to an origin currency. Without having the complexity of trying to modify existing financial systems, ADLT™ 3.0 may be leveraged to provide the financial calculations and the reporting necessary for the enterprise to better manage cost at a detailed level.

If you are interested in seeing a video demonstration of ADLT™ he 3.0, click on the link below:

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