Hong Kong: the new capital of healthtech?

Date April 2, 2018

Hong Kong is a more accessible place to do business compared to Mainland China for several reasons: red tape and overhead costs among the aspects that are significantly reduced. Source: Gooruf Learn More Here!

DSCSA blockchain project enters second phase (iSolve Participating)

Date February 21, 2018

A project looking at the potential use of blockchain to establish security and trust between trading partners in the US medicines supply chain has reported its first findings. Source: Securing Industry Learn More Here!

Collecting and Protecting Patient Data

Date June 13, 2017

The goal of any clinical trial or post marketing surveillance effort (Phase IV studies) is to collect patient level data to evaluate a drug’s effectiveness while protecting the identity of the patient from those researcher evaluating the results of the trail. The challenge in this age of readily accessible personal data is to identify ways …

Managing Medication Recalls with ADLT™

Date June 12, 2017

Whether you are a pharmacist, wholesaler, or manufacturer, you realize that the medication recall process requires drastic improvement. As described by Dr. Darryl Glover, Pharm. D MBA: “I have experienced this first hand as a pharmacist. There were several times when patients would come to the pharmacy and tell me they heard their medication was …