Blockchain for Pharma Series – Part 3

Date January 17, 2017

In this series, participants from the 16 November 2016, Pharma Blockchain Bootcamp, lend their insights into the future of distributed ledger technology. Source: IEEE Learn More Here!

The Information Supply Chain: Facilitating Outcome Based Pricing

Date August 17, 2016

According to an August 9th, 2016 article by Reuters, Analysis-Future of Drug Pricing: Paying for Benefits not per Pill, it was stated “..shifting the overall industry to a new model (paying for clinical outcomes) requires improvements in data collection and a change in thinking..”. The article later stated that, “Drug companies and healthcare providers will …

Drug Recalls

Date August 9, 2016

Whether you are a pharmacist, wholesaler, or manufacturer, you realize that the medication recall process requires drastic improvement. I have experienced this first hand as a pharmacist. There were several times when patients would come to the pharmacy and tell me they heard their medication was recalled; I hadn’t even received a fax notification about …

Improved Inventory Management

Date June 30, 2016

In the biopharma industry, inventory management is complicated by the fact that manufacturers do not have visibility into the post or pre-manufacturing supply chain and, as we provide lifesaving medications, there is a necessity to ensure that there is a sufficient supply to serve our patients. In some cases, there may also be a regulatory …