How is iSolve Innovating Pharma with the Blockchain?

Date October 10, 2018

  By Managing their Use Cases with ADLT™ 3.0!!! As the pharmaceutical industry slowly embraces Blockchain technology, companies such as iSolve are tasked with the responsibility to incorporate new functionality into our solution to help support the various Business Units and Use Cases for global deployment and compliance. For this reason, iSolve is now releasing …

Pharma Supply Chain Tracking (Ep. 2)

Date May 21, 2018

Our Chief Clinical Officer, Darryl Glover, speaks with Ray Dogum about the applications of the Blockchain for the BioPharma Supply Chain. Organization: Health Unchained

Can Blockchain Fix the Opioid Epidemic? Intel Wants to Find Out

Date April 30, 2018

Digital currencies have been accused of worsening the opioid crisis because they make it easier to buy and sell drugs anonymously. Source: Bloomberg Learn More Here!

How blockchain could solve pharma’s counterfeit drug problem

Date April 10, 2018

The pharmaceutical drug industry historically has been siloed, heavily regulated, and resistant to change. But as it comes under enormous pressure to monitor supply chains for accuracy and safety, some startups are suggesting blockchain technology as a possible solution. Source: Samsung Next Learn More Here!